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About Cockatiels

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About Cockatiels

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Runners-up to the budgie in the popularity stakes, cockatiels also make ideal pets for all ages and are easy and inexpensive. About twice the size of a budgie, cockatiels are equally gregarious and hardy and they often form strong attachments to their owners. Cockatiels are naturally adept climbers too and provide hours of amusing antics both in and out of their cage.


Native Origins

South America, Africa, South East Asia & Australia



Characteristic hooked bills and foot structure make them very capable climbers and selective breeding has developed a range of colours.


About Cockatiels


These long-tailed slender birds reach 12ins (32 cms) in length, in captivity they can live 13-18 yrs.


Pet Appeal

Cockatiels have gentle and affectionate natures and love to be stroked and handled. Once tame, they are excellent family birds sociable with all members of the household.






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