OkoPlus – A Flushable & Biodegradable Cat Litter

With the changes in new bin charges coming into effect next year, cat owners may begin to feel the pinch. As cat litter is disposed of in general waste, it can begin to weigh up and cost you more money than you need to spend.

Consider an alternative to your regular cat litter. Cat’s Best OkoPlus is an Organic Cat Litter that is 100% Biodegradable, which means you can place it in your compost heap or bio-waste container*.

The Breakdown

Cat’s Best OkoPlus is a clumping cat litter made from 100% naturally organic fibres that help make this litter super absorbent while neutralising odour. The litter contains a natural odour and germ trap which captures liquids and odours within the capillary system of organic fibres. Due to this, the litter has a fresh and natural scent that cat’s will find appealing.

It’s also significantly more economical than many other clumping cat litters. It has a more than 700% absorption of liquid which means the basic litter contents can remains in the litter tray for much longer. This not only saves litter, it creates less waste which means it’s friendly to the environment and costs less. It also weighs less most clumping litters.


As mentioned before, Cat’s Best OkoPlus is completely biodegradable. It’s produced using sustainable organic fibres and sold in environmentally-friendly paper bags. Because it’s made with natural organic fibres – much like toilet roll – this cat litter can be disposed of in a normal household toilet – you should only dispose of a single litter clump at a time and allow it to dissolve at a time. However, if you don’t want to risk this, clumps and hard excrement can be placed in your household waste while the basic cat litter can remain in the litter tray for 4-6 weeks, which cuts down on useage. Once used up, all litter content remaining after clumps have been removed can be placed on a compost heap or a bio-waste container – depending on local disposal regulations.


*Please check local disposal regulations.