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Global Running Day is on the 1st of June. The aim is to get people running. The truly dedicated pledge a certain amount in May and then probably run a marathon or three or twenty-seven if you’re Eddie Izzard. Most people are not Eddie Izzard.

Dogs are great partners for running - when they’re not trying to trip you up or take you for a run. So why not take advantage of Global Running Day to bond with your dog? It’s great exercise for both of you.

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Dog training goes hand-in-hand with dog owning. Dogs are pack creatures and they need authority; as their owner, you become the pack leader, the alpha. It is your job to protect your dog and take care of their safety. While obedience training is an essential class that all owners should enroll in, there are some quick and important commands that you can teach your dog while waiting for a class to begin.

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The new law for microchipping has come into practice as of April 2016. This law states that you must microchip your dog and have it registered with a government approved database ASAP. To sell a dog you must produce a registered certificate. To buy a dog you must legally transfer ownership or chip it. It’s law now. Owners caught with a non-microchipped dog will have a short period of time to get their dog chipped. Those who choose not to chip their dog will face fines or up to six months in jail. Those indicted will face bigger fines and longer sentencing. Read More
Radio Fences - Debunking the electrifying myth. You got a puppy for Christmas? Fantastic. Only now the dog is getting big and energetic and wants to run around. So how do you keep that dog in your garden during play time? Do you set up a large security fence around the perimeter of your property? Sure, that could work. But what about that flower bed you planted last year? Or that shed you put your rubbish into? Because dogs like to rummage. It’s one of their favourite things in the world. What about a wired off run? Also an option if you don’t mind your view being spoiled. The perfect compromise is the radio fence. It’s non-intrusive, sets up a boundary of where your pet can and can’t go, and gives enough space for your pet to roam and exercise. There’s a lot of fear mongering over radio fences and, more importantly, a lot of questions. So let’s debunk a few myths and look into the benefits of radio fences. Read More