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We all love our bed & dogs are no exception! Choosing the right bed for your dog is important and we have covered the few things you might want to cinsider when purchasing a dog bed in the post. 

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10 amazing and fascinating facts about tarantulas. 

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Radio Fences - Debunking the electrifying myth. You got a puppy for Christmas? Fantastic. Only now the dog is getting big and energetic and wants to run around. So how do you keep that dog in your garden during play time? Do you set up a large security fence around the perimeter of your property? Sure, that could work. But what about that flower bed you planted last year? Or that shed you put your rubbish into? Because dogs like to rummage. It’s one of their favourite things in the world. What about a wired off run? Also an option if you don’t mind your view being spoiled. The perfect compromise is the radio fence. It’s non-intrusive, sets up a boundary of where your pet can and can’t go, and gives enough space for your pet to roam and exercise. There’s a lot of fear mongering over radio fences and, more importantly, a lot of questions. So let’s debunk a few myths and look into the benefits of radio fences. Read More