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About Canaries Finches

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Also good subjects for children, finches are easy to keep and care for. Canaries are most popular with bird keepers for their brilliant plumage and the beautiful song of the cock bird. Like the other members of the finch family they do not become exceptionally tame and cannot be trained to talk.



Native Origins

Australia, Africa, Europe and Northern Asia



Finches are widely varied group of birds and many have brilliant plumage and coloured beaks. The cock bird of all varieties tends to be the most colourful of all. Some Finches sing, especially at breeding time.


About Finches


Sizes vary from 4″ to 7″ (10cm – 19cm). In spite of their size some finches can live up to ten years in a domestic environment.


Pet Appeal

They make attractive and entertaining pets.




Native Origins

Canary Islands


About Canaries


Canaries are part of the large family of finches. Renowned for their singing abilities, selective breeding has now produced a bright variety of colours as well.



Size varies from about 4ins to 8ins (10cm to 20cm) depending on the breed. Canaries can live up to 10 years in captivity.


Pet Appeal

These jaunty little birds are very sociable. Males and Females get on well together, and they will mix happily with some other birds. Cock Roller Canaries are the great songsters.

Both canaries and pet finches love to fly so they should have large large flight cage, to allow birds to spread their wings and get in some air time. zebra finches will take better to smaller cages than other species. Feeding finches and canaries , as their availability has encouraged many pet stores to stock specially formulated seed mixes. In addition to their seed mixes, offer a variety of dark greens, sprouts and millet sprays . toys are good to help keep both finches and canaries entertained

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