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Petsafe Radio Fence

  • Petsafe Radio Fence 

  • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs

  • 5 levels of correction and vibration built in

  • Shock equivalent to static shock to deter dog not harm

  • Includes audible or vibration warning for training

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Product Description


The Standard Radio Fence kit is suitable for small to medium sized dogs, it includes enough wire for approx ½ acre (but will cover up to 10 acres with additional wire) The Super Radio Fence kit is suitable for medium to large dogs and comes with 5 levels of correction and vibration built in; this is a new breakthrough in pet containment. All our products are covered by the Radio Fence guarantee.

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Dogs enjoy freedom and exploring their environments, seeking new experiences which may prove beneficial to them. Their actively inquisitive nature makes it inevitable that they will wander from a property if they are not confined. Even when an owner considers that their dog is well trained to remain on a property this may break down when their dog is challenged with an appealing temptation. A dog’s safety and that of other animals and people can be put at risk if they roam.

They could chase livestock, jump up at children or become involved in road traffic accidents. The primary objective of Containment Systems for cats is to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents.

Containment Systems use an unpleasant electrical stimulation to discourage a dog from moving beyond a predetermined perimeter. The dog wears an electronic receiver collar which is a small ‘box’ with a battery, attached to a collar. Two contact points on the back of the box, rest on the underside of the dog’s neck.

Containment Systems are behaviourally activated. This means it is the dog’s movement in relation to a perimeter that causes stimulation and not the owner. As a dog approaches the containment perimeter it receives an audible or, in some cases, a vibratory warning. If the dog continues to move toward the perimeter it will receive an unpleasant electrical stimulation. A pulse of static electricity travels between the contact points and through the superficial tissues on the underside of the neck. The dog quickly learns to respect the perimeter and then avoids stimulation completely.


  • It forms an 'invisible fence' which has no visual impact.
  • It is economical and does not require planning consent.
  • It creates a perimeter, and systems using boundary wire can also create areas within the perimeter from which the dog is excluded. This is useful to keep dogs away from flower beds or landscaping.


There are situations where any system using electronic collars that deliver static stimulation should not be used:

  • In dogs under 6 months of age.
  • Pregnant or nursing bitches.
  • Dogs with health problems especially heart disease.
  • Dogs that are unable to respond appropriately due to injury, illness, age or senility.
  • Where dogs have aggressive tendencies.
  • Dogs suffering from separation anxiety and similar anxiety related disorders.


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