Cat Bowls & Cat Dishes

Cats can be very particular about the location of their food and water. 

They also have a low thirst drive, in nature they would derive most of their moisture from the prey they consume. 

Water is the most important nutrient of all, and many cat owners worry that their cat doesn’t drink enough, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you are providing wet food. 

Here are some tips for selecting a cat bowl:

  • Ceramic and stainless steel dishes are the best choice for cats. 
  • Plastic bowls can absorb odours and deter cats from eating or drinking.
  • Always check bowls for scratches and chips which could harbor bacteria, or hurt the cat’s mouth.
  • In multiple cat households, each cat should have their own set of bowls.
  • Don’t place the bowls in a ‘high traffic’ area of the house where the cat may feel threatened, Do not 
  • Do not place the bowls next to litter trays!

Experts note you’ll see hesitation, even pacing around the bowl over the discomfort of whisker stress – an annoying sensation that’s caused when the whiskers rub up against the sides of the bowl. If this is happening, you might need to change up your cat bowl!

Many cats prefer to be off the floor when there are other pets or small children around, so find an elevated place that is acceptable to you and your cat.

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Portable Water Feeder Gravity Fed

  • Screw on bottle.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Portable.
  • Durable plastic.

Stainless Steel bowl with coloured exterior 14cm

Stainless steel bowl with nonslip base and fashionable red paw and bone detail exterior