Cat Treats

Like us humans, cats love a wee treat too! Treats do not have to be unhealthy either, take Dreamies for example, the crunchy little treats that cats love are under two calories a pocket. One shake is all it takes and your little feline friend will come running!

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Cat Christmas Stocking

This luxury Christmas stocking for your cat is sure to set them purring with the bumper selection of treats and toys. Contents of this Christmas Stocking:
  • x1 Yummy Catnip Drops Treat Bag
  • x1 Yummy Milk Drops Treat Bag
  • x1 Tasty Catnip Biscuits Treat Bag
  • x1 Plastic Ball with Bell Cat Toy
  • x1 Small Pretend Mouse Toy

Dreamies Cat Treats with Duck

  • Complementary pet food for cats and kittens
  • Biscuit with a duck filling
  • Only 2 calories in each
  • Served in a convenient pouch
  • Free from artificial colours

Natures Menu Cat Treats Real Fish Salmon & Trout

  • 70% High Quality Real Meat Or Fish Pieces.
  • Convenient Mini Bite Size Pieces Make Ideal Training Rewards Or Special Treat.
  • Large 65g Pack Represents Great Value

Snacky Penguin Dreamies With Toy

Includes: -Dreamies with Chicken 3 x 30g; -Dreamies with Cheese 3 x 30g; -Dreamies with Salmon 2 x 30g; -Dreamies with Beef 2 x 30g; -Snacky Penguin toy.

Trixie Advent Calendar – Cat

These adorable Trixie Advent Calendars is a great present for your four-legged friend. Each advent calender comes with 24 tasty treats behind windows, so that you can include your pets in the countdown to Christmas!
Each door hides a tempting treat for your dog, with a variety of types and flavours included.

Whiskas Adult Cat Healthy Joints Treat with Chicken

  • Complementary pet food for adult cats
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate to help support the maintenance of joint tissue
  • Contain methionine, an essential amino acid with antioxidant properties and essential fatty acids

Whiskas Dentabites Adult Cat Treat with Salmon

  • Designed to reduce the build-up of tartar on cats' teeth
  • Special texture that is designed to gently clean tiny cat teeth
  • Help to reduce the build up of dental deposits
  • It is endorsed with British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA) and Scientifically proven by Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC)
  • Available in tasty salmon flavour