Dog Containment units are a great way to allow your pet the freedom to play and exercise outside without the fear of them running away or attacking sheep!

Our dog containment systems are the best on the market and offer a complete solution for your pet.

Having an electric dog fence in Ireland is very common, especially in rural areas where there is a risk of the dog attacking a farmers livestock.

The Petsafe Radio Fence is the industry leading dog containment unit and wireless dog fence. They pioneered the way for how these work and offer a humane way to treat your dog to remain within set boundaries.

Also known as a radio fence or wireless radio fence, as there are two options. You can run a wire around your boundary to contain your dog or you can use a wireless dog fence that offers a wireless solution based on a pre-set distance. If you are looking for pet-safe wireless dog fence reviews then give us a call and we will guide you.

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Petsafe Battery RFA67 6V 2PK

Petsafe Battery RFA67 6V 2PK


Petsafe Radio Fence For Medium Dogs

199.99 169.00
  • Petsafe Radio Fence
  • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs
  • 5 levels of correction and vibration built in
  • Shock equivalent to static shock to deter dog not harm
  • Includes audible or vibration warning for training

Petsafe Radio Fence Small Dog

  • Adjustable, Waterproof electric dog collar
  • Small, light receiver for small to medium sized dogs
  • Can have multiple dogs of all sizes (additional receiver collar required)
  • Extensively tested and widely accepted by vets as a humane method of enclosure
  • Advanced anti-tamper transmitter with cable break alarm
  • Can cover up to 10 acres with additional wire
  • Memory back up and low battery indicator

Petsafe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence

199.99 179.00
  • Transmitter unit
  • 150 m antenna cable
  • Super receiver, waterproof (PIG19-10763)
  • Works with a 9-volt battery
  • User's Guide
  • 50 boundary flags

Wireless Pet Containment Systems from Petsafe

349.99 265.00
  • Are you looking for a wireless pet containment system?
  • This product creates a wireless circular boundary to keep your pets contained in your yard/
  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre
  • Easily sets-up in 1-2 hours with no wire to bury or trenches to dig.
  • Portable containment system is perfect for RV camping and vacation homes
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar with low battery indicator includes 5 levels of Static
  • Correction plus tone-only mode for training.
  • Operating range may be affected by a variety of factors including terrain, topography and metal objects. The Pet Area cannot be changed into a square or rectangular shape
  • Adjustable collar fits pets 8 pounds or more with neck sizes 6 to 28 inches. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar