There’s plenty of choice when it comes to dog food and choosing between wet and dry is just another choice to be made. Wet dog food has many benefits: it can help with hydration, easy to eat and often more stimulating for older dogs and those who have been ill, there’s usually a higher meat content in wet dog food in comparison to dry. The cons however are that once opened it must be consumed immediately and wet dog food can stick to a dog’s teeth which can lead to dental issues, not to mention that when compared to dry dog food, wet dog food can be quite messy.

Dry dog food has the benefits of lasting a long time, the kibble for a lot of dog food has been specifically designed to help mimic tooth brushing and so can help aid dental care, it can be ate at a dog’s own pace. However, as mentioned before, dry dog food usually does not contain as much meat as a wet dog food nor as much moisture.

So it’s up to you as the owner to choose which dog food suits your dog best as both options are great options and your dog will gain the necessary nutrients from both. It’s just about finding the dog food that suits your lifestyle and that your dog likes the most. Alternatively you could choose to buy both and mix them together in a bowl to provide the best of both for your dog.

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Acana Adult Dog 11.4kg

  • Free-range chicken and wild flounder
  • Acana Heritage Cobb Chicken & Greens 11.4kg
  • Foods - Dog - Dry Adult

Acana Adult Dog 2kg

  • Adult Dog Food with diverse fresh ingredients
  • Rich in meat and high in protein
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Botanicals for enhanced metabolism and healthy body

Acana Cobb Chicken and Greens 6kg

  • Contains all the necessary ingredients to keep your dog in good condition.
  • Acana Heritage Cobb Chicken & Greens is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.
  • Acana Heritage Cobb Chicken & Greens Dog consists of 60% fresh meat and fish.

Acana Dog Grass Fed Lamb 11.4kg

  • Fresh Diverse ingredients
  • Rich in meat and high in protein for muscle tone and immunity support
  • Low carbohydrates to help reduce weight gain and diabetes
  • Fresh fruits and veg for natural fibres, minerals and vitamins
  • Botanicals help increase metabolism

Acana Light & Fit 2kg

  • Dry dog food for overweight dogs
  • Low in carbs and fat
  • Rolled oats and high meat content helps maintain low blood sugars
  • Omega fatty acids for immune system support and glossy coat
  • High protein content for energy.
  • Herbs, fruit and vegetables provide natural fibres, vitamins and minerals

Acana Pacifica Dog Food 11.4kg

89.99 89.99
  • This dog food contains fresh diverse ingredients
  • High meat content = high easily digestible proteins
  • Fruit and Veg for natural fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Low carbs to reduce diabetes and weight gain
  • Herbs and prebiotics to keep your dog healthy

Acana Puppy and Junior 2kg

  • A dry dog food that’s rich in fresh meat
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High protein content
  • Supplemented with fibre and nutrient filled vegetables
  • With rolled oats to keep the food grain free and low in carbs

Acana Puppy Large Breed Dog Food 13kg

  • Dry dog food for large breed puppies
  • High protein content to help muscle development
  • Low carb content to keep down weight gain
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables for natural fibres, vitamins and minerals
  • Botanicals for immune support and an active metabolism

Adult Dog Grain Free Chicken & Potato with Vegetables 400g

Adult Dog Grain Free Chicken & Potato with Vegetables.

Bakers Adult Dog Food Chicken and Veg, 12 kg

44.99 40.00
  • A source of essential Omega 6 fatty acids
  • With natural chicory to help support healthy digestion
  • Vitamin D and minerals for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • With quality protein to help maintain body condition

Bakers Beef & Vegetable 1.35kg

  • Complete dog food for adult dogs.
  • Protein high quality protein sources to help maintain good body condition
  • Energy with carbohydrates for energy
  • With country vegetables important vitamins and minerals
  • Vitamin D & minerals for healthy teeth & strong bones
  • Fibre for good digestion and iron for healthy blood
  • Available in 1.35kg, 2.7kg, 5kg & 14kg