There’s plenty of choice when it comes to dog food and choosing between wet and dry is just another choice to be made. Wet dog food has many benefits: it can help with hydration, easy to eat and often more stimulating for older dogs and those who have been ill, there’s usually a higher meat content in wet dog food in comparison to dry. The cons however are that once opened it must be consumed immediately and wet dog food can stick to a dog’s teeth which can lead to dental issues, not to mention that when compared to dry dog food, wet dog food can be quite messy.

Dry dog food has the benefits of lasting a long time, the kibble for a lot of dog food has been specifically designed to help mimic tooth brushing and so can help aid dental care, it can be ate at a dog’s own pace. However, as mentioned before, dry dog food usually does not contain as much meat as a wet dog food nor as much moisture.

So it’s up to you as the owner to choose which dog food suits your dog best as both options are great options and your dog will gain the necessary nutrients from both. It’s just about finding the dog food that suits your lifestyle and that your dog likes the most. Alternatively you could choose to buy both and mix them together in a bowl to provide the best of both for your dog.

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