Filter Media For Fish Tanks

To keep your aquarium clean and your fish happy and healthy you need filters. There are 3 types of filter media, chemical, mechanical and biological. All 3 types of filter media are recommended to ensure your fish tank runs smoothly and they all can be incorporated into the same filter. If you need advise please contact the Petworld team.

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BiOrb Service Kit

  • Aquarium Service Kit
  • Fits all BiOrb/biUbe Aquariums
  • Replacement filter cartridge
  • Algae cleaning cloth
  • Sachet of water preparation chemicals
  • Simple to install
  • Full instructions included
  • Change every 4-8 weeks

Eheim 2006 Pick Up Filter

- Suitable for aquariums upto 45 litres. - Pemp output approx. 50-180 LPH. - Max. head height 0.35m - Power consumption 3.5w - Approx. height 135mm

FLUVAL 204-206/304-306 Foam Filter Block

  • For the 204-206/304-306 filters
  • Fluval Foam Block
  • Captures all particles & debris, no bypass
  • Allows efficient water flow, clogs less, lasts longer
  • Enhances biological filtration
  • For freshwater and marine environments

Fluval 2plus foam insert 4PK

  • For the Fluval 2Plus Underwater
  • Genuine Fluval Part
  • For Biological and Mechanical filtration
  • 4 pieces per box


Fluval 2Plus Polyester Filter Pads

  • To fit 2Plus filter
  • Polyester Filter Pads
  • For quick, crystal clear water
  • Contains 4 pads
  • Fine Filter medium


Fluval Biomax Bio Rings

  • Fluval Biomax for Fluval Filters
  • For all external filters
  • Provides superior biological filtration
  • Supports thriving beneficial bacteria and growth
  • Reduces and controls ammonia and nitrite
  • More efficient than most biological filters
  • For Freshwater and Marine environments


Fluval Mini Foam Inserts 2 Piece

  • Fits Fluval Mini Underwater Filter
  • Also suitable for Fluval 1Plus Underwater Filter
  • Mini foam inserts
  • Improves water quality 
  • Helps prevent fish loss