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BBQ Half Round On Stand 43CM

This half round and easy to assemble BBQ is perfect for any home.  Its free-standing body allows it to moved anywhere in the garden with ease and has an adjustable cooking grill with a wind shield that allows for even easier cooking.

BBQ on Wheels 22 Inches

This BBQ on wheels is perfect for any outdoor chef.  It has 4 legs with 2 wheels which allows for easy mobility to anywhere in your home or garden.  It has a small body which allows it to be easily stored after use.

BBQ Spherical Shape 46CM

Easy to use BBQ on wheels.  It has 4 legs and 2 wheels which allows for easy use and is easy to move around your home and garden. It also has a small storage spot on its feet to hold your cooking utensils.

BBQ With Lid & Smokehouse 41 x 55CM Black


This outdoor smokehouse will fit right into any backyard or outdoor entertainment area you own.
Manufactured with an enamelled fire bowl for durability and easy cleaning. A chrome cooking grill. This is an ideal BBQ for summer parties with friends and family.

  • Area 41 cm Diameter
  • Ventilation hole - control the air flow into the barbecue to adjust the temperature.
  • Thermostat on the cover
  • Made with Enamel for easy cleaning
  • Chrome Grill

Black BBQ Round

Black BBQ with a round design. This BBQ is 40CM and comes with a galvanised grill for extra durability, lid with BakeLite handles and a round lid. This sturdy and reliable BBQ is perfect for garden BBQs and with its 2 wheel function, it can be easily moved around to suit your needs. Easily to store.

Kettle BBQ Grill – Charcoal Barbecue 41 cm Perfect for Outdoor Camping With Cover & Wheels

  • A sleek and stylish kettle barbecue with a striking black enamel finish. This barbecue is perfect for a modern, contemporary garden. For those who have a passion for outdoor entertaining, cooking for your family and friends is a dream on this fantastic barbecue.
  • Dimensions - Height: 71 cm Grill diameter: 41 cm - Cooking Area - 41cm Diameter
  • Ventilation hole - control the air flow into the barbecue to adjust the temperature.
  • Ash tray - catches mucky ash, making it easier to clean after the barbecuing fun is over The black enamel finish makes the barbecue incredibly easy to clean, and gives the barbecue a glossy, sleek and stylish look.
  • Wheels for portability - allows you to easily move your barbecue to wherever you please

Party Barbecue Tent

329.00 299.00
BBQ TENT 2,4X1,5X2,5M Ideal for Irish weather as you never know when it will rain. It is stable, waterproof and