Fish Tank Heaters

The water temperature in your aquarium is important for the well-being and comfort of your fish. You might be surprised that fish do not produce their own body heat unlike other mammals and us humans. This is why it is important that you keep your aquarium at the right temperature for your fish. Please get in touch with us if you would like advise on choosing a fish tank heater.

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Aquael Platinum Glass Heater

  • The PLATINIUM glass heaters feature a high-precision electronic thermostat.
  • The heater has a ceramic heat sink and a built-in electronic thermometer.
  • Intuitive temperature adjustment makes it easy to use.

Arcadia ACE2U8 Double Electronic Controller, 18 – 40 Watt

  • Long mains lead for easy mounting
  • Power switch on mains flex
  • Independent lamp circuits
  • Range of models for twin t8 lamps and single and twin t5 lamps
  • 2 m ultra seal lamp leads