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Beaphar Guinea Pig Vitamin Solution

  • Complementary feed for Guinea Pigs 
  • Suitable for Chinchillas
  • Extra vitamin C
  • Add to water
  • Liquid vitamin feed 
  • 100ml

Burgess Excel Chinchilla 1.5Kg

  • A delicious, complementary food for chinchillas
  • High in fibre and rich in vitamins & nutrients
  • Helps keep them in tip top health.
  • Beneficial Fibre 36%
  • 1.5KG BAG

Supreme Selective Ferret 2kg

A nutritionally complete, mono-component diet specifically formulate for ferrets of all ages. A unique formulation rich in protein (36%), with added chicken and turkey provides a highly palatable diet and promotes healthy skin and coat. Science Selective Ferret will promote dental hygeine and contains taurine, essential for optimum health.

Trixie Salt Licks for hamsters, mice and other small rodents

  • Salt lick
  • In a wheel shape
  • Suitable for hamsters, mice, & small rodents
  • With plastic holder
  • 2 pieces per box