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Internal filter for aquariums & aqua terrariums

A high-performance internal filter for aquariums and aqua terrariums. Simple construction making it easy to set up and operate. Equipped with a modern engine with low power consumption. The container is easy to clean or replace and works well in shallow water. For aquariums up to 100L. 4.2W, 300L/H.

Blagdon Force Hybrid Solids Handling Water Garden Pump

The Force-hybrid has been designed to power filters and waterfalls following 4 years of testing and development. It uses the highest quality components that provide durability and reliability combined with efficiency and economy. The unique patent pending design of the Force-hybrid gives the pond keeper two pumps in one thanks to the Force-hybrid dual intake option allowing either a Sludge Removal or Multipurpose mode to be engaged at the turn of a switch.

Blagdon Minipond Feature 550 Indoor Pump

44.99 35.99
  • The Blagdon 550i Feature Pump has been designed specially for indoor use.
  • It maintains its incredibly low price by being shipped with just a 3 metre power cable (10').
  • Perfect 550 litres per hour flow - suitable rate for most water featues.
  • 3 metre power cable.
  • Can pump water to a maximum height of 1.3m (4'). Accepts 12mm Hose

Blagdon Minipond Feature 550 Outdoor Pump

  • The Blagdon Minipond Feature Pump MF550 is designed to run outdoor water features and fountains.
  • Ideal for outdoor water features
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable flow control.

Blagdon Minipond Indoor Pump

  • Ideal for indoor water features with a compact design.
  • Complete with adjustable flow control and hose fittings.
  • 3M of cable with plug fitted.

Blagdon Minipond Pump

The Blagdon Minipond pump offers exceptional value for money. It is very easy to install and maintain with low running costs. The Minipond fountain pump is ideal for pebble pools, small fountains and water features.

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator

  • With a robust rubber diaphragm, this koi aeration system is durable and easy to replace when needed.
  • Specifically designed for larger ponds,
  • it has the ability to pump to a depth of several metres and encourages pond and fish health as aeration is essential for a healthy pond.

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 1800

It is widely recognised that good aeration is essential for good water conditions and healthy fish. Good aeration stops pond water stagnation; prevents fish dying from lack of oxygen; helps sick fish recover; improves waste breakdown and aids filtration. Koi Air pumps are designed for use with larger ponds, as they have the ability to pump to several metres deep, with multiple air stones.

Blagdon Powersafe 4 Outlet Switchbox

Blagdon Powersafe 4 / PS4 new re-design ensures that the new range of Powersafe switch boxes are not only the best quality on the market, with unique innovative features, but also the best value.

Eheim 2006 Pick Up Filter

- Suitable for aquariums upto 45 litres. - Pemp output approx. 50-180 LPH. - Max. head height 0.35m - Power consumption 3.5w - Approx. height 135mm

Exo Terra Course Foam -Ext Turtle Filter

  • 2 Replacement Coarse Foams for use with Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 (HGPT3630).
  • Coarse foam captures and removes large particulate matter and debris.
  • Custom fit to prevent bypass.
  • Pore size allows efficient water flow with less clogging for long lasting filtration.

Exo Terra External Turtle Filter

  • The Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 provides an odor reducing filtering system for turtle tanks, paludariums or aquatic terrariums.
  • Comes complete with spray bar system for better aeration and all necessary filtration media.
  • The dual chamber design allows for the greatest flexibility in servicing mechanical, chemical and adsorptive filtration media.
  • Flow rates have been precisely calculated to provide the exact balance needed between mechanical filtration, water circulation and oxygen enrichment, resulting in optimum conditions for successful turtle keeping.