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Arcadia ACE2U8 Double Electronic Controller, 18 – 40 Watt

  • Long mains lead for easy mounting
  • Power switch on mains flex
  • Independent lamp circuits
  • Range of models for twin t8 lamps and single and twin t5 lamps
  • 2 m ultra seal lamp leads

Exo Terra Dual Top UVB Light & Basking Spot Fixture

49.99 49.99

- Provides optimal levels of uv, visual light and heat in one canopy
- Rigid anodized aluminium housing
- Sliding rim to mount accessories
- Halogen gu-10 fitting
- Ability to be mounted 3 ways: velcro with a screw or slid on

ZooMed Turtle Tuff Halogen Lamp T10 90W

ZooMed Turtle Tuff Halogen Lamp T10 90W - Turtle Tuff, a heavy duty "splash-proof" halogen lamp. For use with all types of aquatic Turtles and other aquatic terrarium pets. They are long Lasting and available in a variety of sizes.