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Anti-Scratch Spray 100ml by Johnson’s Veterinary

5.99 5.89
  • Anti-Scratch Spray 
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and other small animals 
  • Soothes itching from hot spots, irritated skin, flea bites etc
  • Not to be used on pets under 8 weeks
  • A Johnson's Veterinary Product
  • 100ml spray bottle

Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On for golden hamsters and gerbils

  • Easy to use spot on
  • Anti-parasite for hamster and gerbil
  • Effective against lice, fleas, mange mites, other mites and roundworms
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Contains ivermectin
  • Includes 2 pipettes

Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On for rabbits et al.

  • Anti-Parasite spot on
  • For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Rats
  • Contains Ivermectin
  • Effective against fleas, lice, mange mites, other mites and roundworm
  • Up to four weeks
  • 4 pipettes included

Cascade Cleaning Disinfectant 500ml

Cascade Cleaning Disinfectant for small animals is formulated to be safe for pets and safe for children. Kills bacteria & viruses. Suitable for use on bedding, feeding bowls, carpets, hutches & cages.


  • Super Solvitax Pure Cod Liver Oil is a great supply of vitamins A, D and E.
  • This means that your animal will benefit from strong bones, teeth and healthy skin.
  • This is a great energy giving supplement to ensure your pet stays healthy.
  • Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Budgerigars, Parrots, Canaries, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
  • Ingredients: Vitamin A (as Petinyl Palmitate)400,00iu/L, Vitamin D (as Colecalciferol) 40,000iu/L, Vitamin E (as Dl'alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) 1,000iu.

Trixie Claw scissors 13 cm

  • Suitable for small dogs, cats, small animals and birds
  • Made of stainless steel with rubber coated handle
  • With safety lock
  • Claw and paw care protection quick and easy
  • Durable and easy to keep clean

Vitamin Drops for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and small rodents 15ml

  • Vitamin drops
  • Boosts vitamin supply
  • For rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters
  • Complementary pet food
  • Administer with feed or water