Bird Treats & Snacks

Treat your pet bird with some tasty, healthy and nutritious treats and snacks.

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Nature’s Market Wild Bird Suet/Fat Balls 150 Pack

  • Perfect for Fat Ball Feeders
  • Great Nutritional Profile
  • Protein Rich
  • Box Contains  Approx. 150 Fat Balls
  • Great Value

Natures Best Millet Spray Small Bundle

  • Small Millet spray bundle
  • Treat for all seed eating pet birds
  • Low in fat, high in carbs

Parrot Bumper Bar Bird Treat

  • 175G seed and nut bumper bar.
  • Natural treat enriched with honey.
  • Nutrituous & complentary food.
  • Hook for suspending from cage or aviary.
  • Mix of seeds, nuts and cereals.

Parrot bumper bell

  • Large bell shaped treat
  • Packed with seeds, nuts and cereals
  • Enriched with honey
  • Complimentary pet food
  • Suspend or place in cage
  • Suitable for Parrots, Macaws, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures etc

Seed Bell for Budgies

  • Seed Bell for Budgies
  • A complementary pet food,
  • Supplements normal diet
  • Packed with selective seeds
  • Enriched with honey