Holidaying With Your Pet 1/3

Apr 15, 2024by Gary Cooney

Pet Friendly Holidays in Ireland and the UK

The holiday season is upon us and you’re already spending your spare time looking up travel websites for great deals. The only thing holding you back is the mournful look your pet gives you as you plan your big vacation.

Now you’re stuck wondering what you should do with your pet? Do you go on holiday and leave them in a kennel? It works for some, but it’s costly and can leave your pet feeling a bit abandoned, especially if they’ve not stayed in a kennel before. They will adapt but maybe you won’t. Maybe you’re the type of person who won’t enjoy themselves while their pet is at home? Perhaps you’re that overprotective type that phones to check up on them every five minutes and doesn’t notice your holiday passing by. Maybe you simply want to take all your family on holiday.

Not long ago, your choices on what to do with a pet were very limited. You left your pet in a kennel or you stayed at home. Luckily things have changed. You don’t have to go on holiday and leave your pet behind. If you’re not comfortable travelling a great distance with your pet, there are plenty of self-catering apartments in Ireland that are pet friendly. Check out West Coast Holiday’s comprehensive list or Imagine Ireland’s collection of dog-friendly cottages. This is perfect for exploring the hidden treasures of Ireland with your pet.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a place a little further away, such as Scotland, Wales or the rest of the UK, you can look at the Holiday Cottages website. They have a wide array of dog-friendly cottages to be considered for all your holiday needs.

However, if you crave heat, sunshine, and blue skies, you still have options. There are plenty of holiday homes in Europe that will welcome you and your pet. Pawsabroad is an excellent website with choices of holiday homes in Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

As with anything, you should always contact the cottage owners just to make sure they’re still pet friendly. Be aware that some cottages may charge an extra fee for housing your pet so again, check with the owners to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

For information on how your pet can travel, the DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) have a list of approved airlines and cargo carriers who transport pets.

So, just remember, as the holiday season approaches, you can always take your pet with you.