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    A dog run is ideal for keeping your four-legged friend safe and secure and out of danger when you are at work or need them out from under your feet while mowing the lawn etc. We would advise choosing the largest dog run space that you have room for and can afford, your dog will not benefit from smaller ones. If you need advice on choosing the most suitable one for your dog please get in touch. "

    We offer 3 sizes of Dog Runs, They come with a factory fitted gate and a dog proof latch. They all are made with 1 ½ tubular heavy duty steel and are fully galvanised so won't rust. I think its better to use a dog run than have your dog tied up and its significantly cheaper than fencing.

    This is a DIY set up, It can be fitted by one person but a second set of hand would be a help. It's quick and easy to install, reliable and safe.

    Responsible pet ownership starts at home.

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