About Reptiles

Reptiles are not one size fits all.

These creatures have an enormous range of needs and require specifically tailored habitats and care.

It’s a big commitment.

Depending on the species, lizards can live up to 20 years; snakes up to 50 years; Turtles and tortoises can live to 100 years or more! In addition to the aquarium or enclosure for your pet, you will need to provide special heating and lighting, essential furnishings, food and nutritional supplements; possibly more.

Most reptiles require set-ups that can cost you €250 to €1000 which is a lot for a €10 pet. Please be sure you are able and willing to make the financial investment before you decide on a pet reptile.

Do you have a vet in your area that treats exotic animals? They can be hard to find in some areas. Is your pet legal to own in your town, county? Just because you can find them in the pet store does not mean that they are legal to own.