Bird Toys

Birds are smart creatures and require mental stimulation, if your bird is left bored for long periods of time they can become stressed and display behavioral problems. Keep your bird stimulated and entertained with our range of bird toys and accessories.

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Acrylic Swing with Cement Perch Large

  • Large acrylic swing
  • Ideal for large birds and small parrots
  • With additional cotton toy 
  • Cement perch with crushed shells for trimmed claws
  • Keep your pet bird stimulated
  • 8.5 x 11" / 21cm x 28cm 

Bendable Rope Perch 28″

  • Provides different perching surfaces and levels
  • Helps relieve cage stress, boredom, and related feather picking
  • Allows you to create different types of perches
  • You can create loops, curves, and other interesting shapes
  • Hand washable

Bird Bath with Mirror

  • Bird bath with mirror
  • Mirrored base
  • Cage accessory
  • Plastic bath
  • Various colours available

Medium Rattan Perch

  • Rattan Bird Perch
  • Natural style
  • Attaches to cage
  • Suitable for most birds
  • 0.8 x 13.8"/li>