Bird Cages For Sale

Great range of bird cages for sale in a wide range of styles suitable for cockatiels, budgies, parrots and more.

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Acer Bird Breeder Cage

  • Voltrega Acer Bird Breeder Cage.
  • Includes Feeders, Clips, Perch.
  • Size: 58.8x36x41cm

Afra Cockatiel Chrome Cage & Blue Stand

  • FOP Afra Open Top Cockatiel Cage with Stand. Chrome Cage with Blue Stand.
  • Includes Perches and Feeders.
  • Cage Size: 60x59x36cm

Arena Round Cage White Bird

  • FOP Arena Round Bird Cage White.
  • Includes Perches and Feeders.
  • Size: 47x32.5cm

Asso Di Quadri Large Bird Cage 54cm

  • White Cage with white and green accessories, equipped with front and lateral opening.
  • Full of feeders, perches, swings and drinkable.
  • The bottom is equipped with a practical drawer for periodic cleaning of the cage.
  • Designed for anti-dirty grill, very important for the bird's health.

Astro Open Top Par Cage/Stand Grey 156cm

  • Voltrega Astro Open Top Parrot Cage and Stand.
  • Includes Perches and Feeders.
  • Size: 75x75x156cm

Comet Multi-Dome Budgie Cage Med 54cm

  • Voltrega Comet Multi Dome Budgie Cage.
  • Includes Perches and Feeders.
  • Size :  39X25X54cm

Denso Xl Square Bird Cage

  • Voltrega Square Bird Cage.
  • Green and white cage 
  • Includes Feeders, clips, perch, Swing.
  • Size: 58.5x36x51.5cm

Eros Cockatiel Cage Large 51cm

  • Voltrega Eros Cockatiel Cage.
  • Includes Perched and Feeders.
  • Size: 58X36X51cm

Giant Play Top Parrot Cage

  • Parrot cage.
  • Color: Antique Silver.
  • Large swing out door.
  • 2 Feeder doors and 2 plastic cups.
  • 2 Perches.
  • Easy clean removable metal grate.
  • Easy clean slide out bottom plastic tray.
  • Non-toxic epoxy.
  • Stand with caster.
  • W 121cm x D 81cm x H 177cm

Janine Xl Square Cage – White

  • FOP Janine XL White Square Cage.
  • Includes perches and feeders.
  • Size: 47.5x59x32cm