Royal Canin Cat Food Range

Royal Canin cat food provides tailored nutrition that helps your feline friends live their best and healthiest lives. Every recipe crafted is tailored to meet each of your pets needs. We stock a range of wet and dry Royal Canin including food that helps reduce hairballs, food that is low in fat and food that supports renal function in cats.

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Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult 400g

  • Care for a big body:
  • Heart size control
  • Strengthening muscle tone and joint health
  • Improves mouth and tooth hygiene
  • Supports the cardiac function

Royal Canin Adult British Shorthair

  • Cat food specially developed for British Shorthair cat
  • Muscle tone and joint support
  • Specially designed kibble for slow chew and brushing effect
  • Support Cardiac function

Royal Canin Ageing +12 in Jelly 85g

  • The specific Macro Nutrient Profile of older cats leads to instinctive and long-term acceptance. However healthy the diet, if the cat won't eat it, it's not much good!
  • Adult cats, especially senior cats, have an increased risk of illnesses associated with ageing. Royal Canin Ageing +12 can promote mobility
  • Especially high-quality ingredients, combined with important minerals and vitamins, can help to keep kidneys healthy

Royal Canin Aging +12 Cat Food

  • Reduced stool odour
  • Healthy Ageing Complex for slower cell ageing
  • Reduced phosphorus and sodium content
  • Optimum calorie content
  • Special kibble shape
  • Improved dental hygiene

Royal Canin Baby Cat & mother 34 Dry Mix

  • For Ist age kittens: weaning and intense growth
  • Building natural defences
  • Specail easy weaning
  • Ultra-strengthened digestive safety

Royal Canin Baby Cat Food 34

  • Royal Canin Babycat 34 Cat Food for kittens 1-4 months old
  • Exclusive nutrition-complex
  • Easily chewable kibble simplifies the transfer from milk to solid food during the "withdrawal" phase.

Royal Canin British Shorthair Cat Food 85 g 12pk

  • Adult
  • British Shorthair
  • Wet food  
  • 12pk            

Royal Canin British Shorthair Pouch 85g

  • Adapted low energy - moderate fat content for an effective weight management
  • Helps maintain skin & coat health
  • Helps support a healthy urinary system
  • Adapted texture

Royal Canin Cat Food Breed Nutrition Maine Coon

  • Royal Canin Maine Coon 2kg
  • Pet food for Cats
  • Dry food
  • Recommended for Cats above 15 months

Royal Canin Cat Siamese

  • Helps reinforce the 'barrier' role of the skin and reveals the natural beauty and colour of the coat due to the use of fatty, linoleic and amino acids as well as zinc, biotin and vitamins.
  • Ensures optimal digestive tolerance, with the use of FOS (fructooligo- saccharides) and MOS (mannan-oligo-saccharides), as well as a synergic antioxidant complex consisting of lutein, taurine and vitamins C and E.
  • Sapphire 12, a kibble specially designed to make it easier for your Siamese cat to grasp, encourage her to chew and help slow the rate of food intake.

Royal Canin Cat Wet Pouches ultra light jelly 12X85G

  • 12pk pouches
  • Wet cat food 
  • Ultra light care
  • Complete feed for adult cats (thin slices in jelly)

Royal Canin Digestive Comfort Dry Mix

  • 42% in stool quantity after 10 days of exclusive use
  • Unique kibble shape and texture
  • Ring kibble encourages cat to chew
  • High level of digestibility with proteins, prebiotics, & psyllium