Scratching is an essential part of being a cat! Cats need to scratch to regularly to:

  • Keep their claws healthy.
  • Stretch, flex, and tone a variety of muscles.
  • Mark territory and communicate with other cats.
  • Work off stress.
  • Above all, scratching just feels good.

A cat tree isn’t just an extravagant purchase for a cat owner, it’s actually a beneficial addition to the indoor environment for your cat. Humans live in a horizontal world but cats live in a verticalone and they depend on elevated areas for safety, comfort, exercise and fun. If you’ve ever had to retrieve your kitty from the top of the cupboard or couch you know how much she enjoys being on the tallest perch in the room.

This one simple activity provides numerous physical and psychological benefits to cats.

For Kittens: Scratching posts are wonderfully helpful for young kittens with a lot of built-up energy. 

As many cat owners undoubtedly know, cats love to scratch even if they don’t have a post to do it on. This means that they’ll find something else to claw, often your precious furniture!

There are many cat trees on the market and the prices vary, depending upon whether you want a basic scratcher or an elaborate one. What matters most to your cat though will be the sturdiness, height and comfort of the tree.

Overall providing your cat with a place to scratch will help reduce stress and have fun. 

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