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Cheeko Draught Excluder Small Cabin

Draught excluder - Small, Medium & Large Small: 36 x 24cm Medium: 44 x 33cm Large: 57 x 38xm Small draught excluder from Cheeko. Plastic flap that attaches to the kennel door to stop cold draughts blowing in, keeping your dog warm. .

Cheeko Flatroof Cabin Outdoor Wooden Dog Kennel – 4 Sizes

  • Our Cheeko Flatroof Cabin dog kennel will provide a cosy and warm home for your dog to rest and sleep both day and night.
  • The clever positioning of the door on the dog house really reduces the amount of wind that enters the cabin
  • Keeps your dog warm on cold windy days.
  • This cabin is weather resistant and has a great hinged roof to grant easier access for cleaning and general uses.
  • Hinged Roof for easy access and cleaning
  • Easy Assembly
  • Made From Quality Treated Wood
  • Click dropdown for sizes

Cozy Crib Kennel Covers

This product provides insulation for your dog house during those cold winter months. If it is too cold for you

Eco Choice Dog Kennel with Flat Roof XL

261.99 199.00
Do you want a kennel that will last the test of time and doesn't require maintainence such as painting every season?
  • Put together with an easy15 minute ­no tool ­ assembly.
  • Designed with youyr pets health in mind
  • Well ventilated, easy to clean, raised floors and step in design.
  • Made from ecoFLEX, a proprietary composite of recycled polymers and reclaimed poplar wood fibers.
  • ecoFLEX based products outlast similar products by 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1.
  • ecoFLEX products don’t warp or splinter and can be painted or stained.
  • AllProof, resisting or barring anything mother nature can throw at it.
  • Flat roof, side door lodge style is perfect for pets that prefer to rest away from the door and/or like to sit on top of their house.
  • 42x32x29"

Eco Choice Kennel Large

  • Better than wood, better than plastic, the best of both!
  • Buy it Once, Buy it Right! ecoChoice!
  • Designed to be best for your pets health, and the best for you!
  • Easy Clean; No-tool needed Assembly; Elevated from the ground; Step In Design; Flow Thru Ventilation; Maintenance Free.
  • 31x36x35" 78cm x 91cm x 88cm

Ecochoice Bunkhouse Small Dog Kennel

  • Better than wood, better than plastic, the best of both.
  • Buy it Once, Buy it Right - EcoChoice!
  • Designed to be the best for your pet’s health, and the best for you!
  • Easy Clean
  • No-tool needed Assembly
  • Elevated from the ground;
  • Step In Design; Flow Thru Ventilation; Maintenance Free. 24.5x21.5x25"

Wooden Dog Kennel

  • Removable roof
  • Hinged door
  • Bolt lock
  • Pre-treated
  • Raised floor