Dog Leads

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3m Retractable Cord Dog Lead XS by Flexi Classic

  • 3m high-strength cord lead
  • For small animals up to 8kg
  • Comfortable Flexi braking system
  • Chrome snap hook
  • Extra light and fits in pocket

5m Retractable Cord Dog Lead Black Small by Flexi Classic

  • High-strength cord dog lead
  • Extends 5m/16ft 
  • Suitable for dogs up to a maximum of 12KG
  • Features reflective components
  • Small ergonomic controller for easy handling

5m Retractable Cord Dog Lead Medium by Flexi Classic BLACK

  • 5m/16ft high-strength cord dog lead
  • Comfortable braking system
  • Durable bite belt
  • Reflective accents
  • Can be customized with the Multi Box and Lighting System
  • For dogs up to 20kg

8m Neon Retractable Giant Dog Lead from Flexi

  • Sturdy tape for large, active dogs up to 50kg
  • 8m extendable tape
  • Comfortable braking system
  • Erogonomic handle
  • Neon hi-viz belt for visibility
  • Smoothly retracts and extends

Ancol Blue Softweave Rope Slip Lead 48″X10mm

  • 48"x10mm
  • Softweave nylon collar for dogs
  • Softweave is a soft textured nylon for added comfort
  • Designed without eyelets

Ancol Chain Lead Black 30″ Heavy

The comfort and strength of the leather handle offers the perfect combination with the mechanical strength of the ancol chains. The leather handles are made to a high consistent quality giving the strength, softness of touch and durability, essential for the chain lead range.