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Arcadia ACE2U8 Double Electronic Controller, 18 – 40 Watt

  • Long mains lead for easy mounting
  • Power switch on mains flex
  • Independent lamp circuits
  • Range of models for twin t8 lamps and single and twin t5 lamps
  • 2 m ultra seal lamp leads

Calcium Supplement for Carnivores

  • Komodo Calcium Supplement
  • Multivitamin supplement with calcium without phosphorus (2:0)
  • Helps provide a balanced diet for carnivorous reptiles and amphibians
  • Specially formulated for maximum adhesion to live foods
  • Simply dust onto live insects prior to feeding
  • 135g

Deep Clean Disinfectant 500ml by Beaphar

  • Long lasting disinfectant
  • Safe for all reptile & amphibian housing
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Powerful yet kind
  • Highly effective vs Salmonella
  • No dyes or perfumes


Desert Sand Red 5KG by Trixie

14.99 9.99
  • Perfect for bearded dragons and lizards
  • Original African ground substrate
  • Fine-grain terrarium sand
  • Easy to clean
  • High thermal conductivity so it's also suitable for heating mats and cables
  • Replicates a close-to-natural desert habitat
  • Encourages the natural behaviour of animals.
  • Optimal as ground material for egg deposition

Dover 9 Rock

  • Resin rock including glass turtle pump 
  • Item length 40cm Item 
  • depth 21cm Item 
  • height 21cm 

Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Adult 250G

12.99 10.82
Exo terra bearded dragon adult 250G

Exo Terra Dual Top UVB Light & Basking Spot Fixture

49.99 49.99

- Provides optimal levels of uv, visual light and heat in one canopy
- Rigid anodized aluminium housing
- Sliding rim to mount accessories
- Halogen gu-10 fitting
- Ability to be mounted 3 ways: velcro with a screw or slid on