How to choose a dog bed

Mar 8, 2024by Gary Cooney

How to choose a bed for your dog?

We all love our bed & dogs are no exception!

Dogs are active animals who enjoy exploring, sniffing and playing but it’s also really important for them to get enough rest. As dog owners, we can help our dogs to get the important downtime they need by making sure they have somewhere quiet and comfortable to snooze without any disturbances.

When choosing the correct dog bed, you will want to consider a few things.

First - Size up your dog!

It should be large enough for them to be able to lie comfortably in all-natural positions. It will be a benefit to your dog if you put some effort into measuring them before purchasing a pet bed. They will enjoy stretching out and having the room to lie comfortably.

Choosing where you will put the pet bed:

Your dog needs a quiet place to rest and unwind. None of us like being disturbed when we are trying to catch forty winks and dogs are no different.

Make sure your children know to leave your dog alone while he or she is in his bed - this is an important part of keeping children safe and dogs happy.

Ideally, the bed will not be in a drafty place or right beside a noisy washing machine.


What features do you need from a dog bed?

Determine which features are important and look at the washing instructions before purchasing. Some pet beds are washable, other pet beds are waterproof. All of our pets live different lives and the bed you choose may reflect this level of activity.

Choosing a pet bed for an apartment in Dublin may require different features than someone living by the sea in Donegal, who will have a salty & sandy dog every few days!

Dog beds for injured or older dogs.

Some dogs may have specific needs when it comes to beds and older dogs or dogs with any aches, pains or joint problems might benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam bed which they can get in and out of easily.

Can dogs share beds?

If you have more than one dog, it is highly advisable to have a minimum of one bed per dog. This will avoid competition and unnecessary quarrels. If your dogs enjoy snuggling up together consider getting an additional dog bed large enough for them to comfortably share.

If you have any questions about choosing a dog bed please give us a call and we will help you choose the best bed for your dog.

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