Parakeet Parrots

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About Parakeet Parrots

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Compared to the other popular cage birds, the larger members of the parrot family are a different kettle of fish altogether. With a long life expectancy (up to 30 years and more), a parrot is a long term commitment. If you are prepared to invest a lot of money, time and attention you will be well rewarded with strong bonds of affection, entertaining behaviour and a devoted friendship for life. Don’t consider buying a parrot until you’ve done some prior research.

Native Origins

South America, Africa, South East Asia & Australia


There are over 300 species of Parrot in the wild. With recent advances in breeding research, about 280 species have now been bred successfully in captivity

About Parakeet Parrots


Sizes vary greatly according to the species, from small parrotlets of 8ins (20cms) to the large Macaws at up to 1 metre long! Many larger Parrots can live well into their 20’s or 30’s, and have been known to live much longer than that. The oldest recorded parrot was a cockatoo, which was said to reach the ripe old age of 120!

Pet Appeal

In spite of the undoubted devotion shown to their owners and their unique talent for mimicry, many of the most popular parrots are noisy, destructive and expensive. Inexperienced bird keepers should practice good bird husbandry first with a cockatiel. However, when you do get a parrot – you can be sure you’ve got an entertaining companion for life!

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