Wild Bird Feeders

You will be surprised at how many different species of birds you will attract in your garden by hanging bird feeders. Certain birds will be attracted to peanuts, likes tits and wrens, others will be attracted to mixed seeds etc. Having a variety of foods will attract a more diverse species of bird.

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Kingfisher Deluxe Donut Bird Seed Feeder

  • Hanging chain
  • Suitable for seed mix
  • Powder coated steel

Supa 2 Port Plastic Wild Bird Seed feeder

Feeder for dispensing Seed Feeds for Garden Birds. Height - 8" (20cm)

Supa Caged Fat Ball Wild Bird Feeder

  • This caged fat ball wild bird feeder is ideal for feeding fat balls.

  • It's clever caged design ensures that only the small wild birds can get to the food.

  • The Wild Bird Cage Fat Ball Feeder is designed to prevent Squirrels and also larger birds such as Starlings and Doves from eating Fat Balls.