exitel plus for dogs

Exitel Plus Worming Tablet For Dogs

Exitel Plus Worming Tablet For Dogs

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Exitel Plus is the strongest dog wormer available without a prescription. It is a safe and broad spectrum wormer for dogs.
It is the generic version of the leading brand 'Drontal' and similar to other generic drugs such as Endogard Plus

Some dogs will even accept them as a treat, A single tablet will treat a dog weighing up to 10kg. The tablets can be divided into equal halves or equal quarters.

2.5kg dog = quarter tablet
5kg dog = half tablet
20kg dog = 2 tablets,
30kg dog = 3 tablets,

There is no minimum weight or age limitations, can be given from 2 weeks

Unlike some competitor brands Exitel Plus does not require fasting the dog prior to treatment and thus can be administered at any time.
Each Exitel tablet contains: Praziquantel 50 mg, Pyrantel Embonate 144 mg, Febantel 150 mg

Exitel is a Broad Spectrum Wormer which Treats the following:

  • Tapeworms
  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms
  • Whipworms

Not all wormers treat this many species, this combination of active ingredients provides the best treatment available from Pharmacists

Dogs should be wormed every 3 months

Dogs may often show little or no signs of infestation so regular worming is essential
Almost all puppies are born with Roundworms Worms can be transferred directly to children Exitel Plus will help protect pets and families

Exitel Tablets are pork flavoured to make them easier to administer,


What are the signs of worms in dogs? Often there are no early signs of infection.
Some other signs include poor condition, vomiting, diarrhorea and a pot belly in puppies. How long does the effect of a tablet last?
As infection develops some eggs may be shed in the faeces.

Worming tablets do not stay in the body or remain active against worms.

That's why it is important to try to keep your pet away from sources of worm infection and worm your dog every three months.

Do not use simultaneously with piperazine compounds.
Do not use in animals with a known sensitivity to the active ingredients or to any of the excipients

Fleas serve as intermediate hosts for one common type of tapeworm – Dipylidium caninum. Tapeworm infestation is certain to reoccur unless control of intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice, etc. is undertaken. Tapeworm infestation is unlikely in pups less than 6 weeks of age

Use of the product during pregnancy should be in accordance with a benefit risk assessment by the responsible veterinarian. It is recommended that the product is not used in dogs during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Do not exceed the stated dose when treating pregnant bitches.

This might be too much detail but for those interested read on.

Pharmacodynamic properties

This product contains anthelmintics active against gastrointestinal roundworms and tapeworms.

The product contains three active substances, as follows:
1. Febantel, a probenzimidazole
2. Pyrantel embonate (pamoate), a tetrahydropyrimidine derivative
3. Praziquantel, a partially hydrogenated pyrazinoisoquinoline derivative

In dogs: Treatment of mixed infections by nematodes and cestodes of the following species
Nematodes: Ascarids: Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina (adult and late immature forms).
Hookworms: Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum (adults).
Whipworms: Trichuris vulpis (adults).

Tapeworms: Echinococcus species, (E. granulosus, E. multilocularis), Taenia species, (T. hydatigena, T. pisiformis, T. taeniformis) Dipylidium caninum (adult and immature forms).

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exitel plus for dogs
Exitel Plus Worming Tablet For Dogs
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